The Fire and Scintillation of a Diamond

15 Feb 2023

Diamonds are one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world, prized for their beauty and brilliance. A key aspect of a diamond's beauty is its fire and scintillation, two features that contribute to the unique sparkle of the stone.


Fire refers to the colorful light that is dispersed from a diamond when it is exposed to light. This light is a result of the diamond’s ability to bend and reflect light, creating a rainbow of colors. Fire is what makes a diamond appear sparkling and is often used to describe the diamond’s brilliance. A diamond with good fire will have a vibrant and colorful display of light.


Scintillation refers to the sparkle that is created when light is reflected off of the facets of a diamond. The sparkle is produced by the interaction of light and the diamond’s surface, and is what gives the diamond its signature shine. A diamond with good scintillation will have a bright and consistent sparkle, even when it is moved or rotated. Diamonds with poor scintillation will have a dull or inconsistent sparkle, and will not be as visually appealing.

While a diamond with good fire will also have good scintillation, a diamond with good scintillation may not necessarily have good fire. When shopping for a diamond, be sure to consider both fire and scintillation, and choose a diamond that has both of these characteristics for a truly stunning and beautiful piece of jewelry!

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