Engagement Ring Trends

02 Jul 2021
Culet Jewellery prides itself in custom made jewellery, and engagement rings. Bringing clients ideas to life, through budget and personal preferences.
Over the last year we have noticed several trends that seem to be occurring in the engagement ring realm. We have rounded up the top three trends we have noticed.
A rise in the 18 carat yellow gold band:
You may be surprised by this but traditionally, 18 carat white gold and rose gold bands topped the popularity list. However we have noticed an influx in the 18 carat gold band trend. Couples are steering away from a traditional single colour design and opting for two tone options. Interestingly, yellow gold used to sit at a lower price bracket over platinum, however in recent times, the price of yellow gold has gone through the roof.
Coloured diamonds and gemstones
This then leads us to the rising popularity in different coloured diamonds and precious gemstones. We have seen an influx in gemstones, in particular, Blue Sapphires. Couples are on the hunt for unconventional hues, and are finding these in fancy coloured diamonds including champagne diamonds, as well as precious gemstones including sapphires and emeralds.
Settings and stacks
Furthermore, another rising engagement ring trend has been that of a trilogy setting. As you have probably gathered, this involves three diamonds next to each other. It can be a very symbolic design for couples, one diamond often represents a child and the two other diamonds represent the parents, as one example.
 Another rising shift has been the ‘Ring stack’ one of the reasons for its rising popularity is due to the fact that the combinations are endless. Colours can vary and the shapes can be contrasting. We have created beautiful ring stacks, with eternity, engagement and wedding rings as a combination.

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