Navigating your way through a wedding during COVID

02 Jul 2021


Who would have thought that almost 18 months later we are still learning to live with COVID-19. I don’t think anyone could have ever predicted we would live through such a virus. Yet, here we are and still learning to adapt through it. As you could imagine, it has played havoc on the wedding industry with couples, having to postpone multiple times, cut down on guests and cancel all together.  

If there is one thing I think we have learnt over the past 12 months is to always take the silver lining out of every situation. Here at Culet, we have come up with a few COVID friendly ways to make your small wedding the most memorable night of your life.

Keep it small- If you keep your wedding small from the get go, should restrictions tighten, you are less likely to have to un invite guests. Smaller weddings have a more personal and intimate feel to them. Celebrating with your nearest and dearest makes it oh so special.

Consider an outdoor wedding- we are all way to accustomed to the fact that being outdoors limits the spread of an unruly outbreak. Living in Australia not only are we super lucky with the weather, we also have access to some really beautiful parts of the world, whether the beach is your vibe or you’re more into the country side- we definitely don’t fall short of serene views. Outdoor gatherings allow more people/guests to congregate, also a plus if you’re struggling to cut back on numbers.

Live-stream your ceremony- for family and friends, unable to attend your wedding due to international and state closures. They are still able to witness a beautiful union even if its through a livestream. Just make sure your virtual guests are muted, and test that camera and microphone before commencing your nuptials so everyone can see and hear what’s going on.

Plan your wedding on your home turf- and if possible even in your own state! With an outbreak promptly closing state borders, this unreliability may cause issues if you plan interstate. Whilst some guests may not be able to make it if this was the case, remember that live-stream mentioned above ;)

It’s important to remember with government advice constantly changing, things that are often out of our control can sometimes leave you not other choice but to postpone your date, don’t be disheartened, many wedding vendors have learnt to adapt and be flexible to couples in this situation. 

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